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QuickBooks to D365 Business Central Migration

The initial choice towards QuickBooks is pretty obvious and more likely to be the fast and easy decision for a small businesses or say, micro businesses at the beginning. As the small business takes shape towards the growth in market, its complexity also gets increased alongside which is when QuickBooks can no longer suffice the needs of the business.

Hence, it is important and much needed to migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central for its ease of use and fulfilment for the complex needs of the growing small businesses and mid-size businesses.

Most of the QuickBooks users love their early choice even so by the time and experience, the realization comes into play that QuickBooks was not the best choice after all.

The simplicity and handiness can turn to be QuickBooks weakness later on. Simplicity results in lack of sophistication and then its ease of set-up would become a liability when it paths to few auditing and accounting controls.

You may also identify more issues working with your own QuickBooks system for few years:

Getting to know about the insecurities and vulnerabilities, direct access to data and no audit trail, they will not probably get involved with QuickBooks. As it is easy to change data, even large CPA firms may tail off to conduct the audit of QuickBooks.

It may have been the best choice available to pick QuickBooks, but markets have grown and QuickBooks do not hold monopoly any longer for its easy set-up and use.

Instead, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides same ease of use, access and quick familiarity to users. With no artificial limits on the number records, Business Central has a robust system required for future growth, is an added advantage. As its database is highly secured with no direct access, it does not allow any changes under the covers. Hence, auditors, banks, regulators accept your statements and reports with great confidence as the data cannot be put to alteration in the background.

It’s time to put back QuickBooks system and brand it as part of your history but not for the future. Azure-cloud based Dynamics 365 Business Central with utmost confidence.

Dynamics 365 Business Central vs. QuickBooks Strengths and weaknesses

QuickBooks Weakness

Dynamics 365 Strengths

Using the Extension for QuickBooks Data Migration

The extension from QuickBooks can easily migrate vendors, items, accounts and customers to Business Central. The relevant information can be exported and then open an aided set-up guide to upload all the data to Business Central, if your business is with QuickBooks until date.

Data from QuickBooks Desktop

Below is the data required to import from QuickBooks to Business Central:

We do migrate full amounts on sales and purchase documents rather than updating partially paid amounts. For instance, if the total amount is $1000 but customer paid only $700 on a sales invoice, we would still migrate the full amount of $1000. All the partial payments have to be updated manually either before or after you migrate data. Hence, we would strongly suggest to apply outstanding transactions before you migrate so to make things easy later on.

Prerequisites of Migration

Specifying the accounts to migrate the transactions is an important part of the migration process. So, ideally planning this mapping before migrating data will be a good idea.

For instance, the accounts where you place transactions for:

Business Central requires account numbers assigned to general ledger accounts. Make sure the account numbers are assigned to the accounts in QuickBooks. It is also required to set up a tax account on the transactions in QuickBooks having tax amounts in your tax jurisdiction in Business Central before the transactions that you can post.

You will have to download the Microsoft Data Exporter Tool to get your data out of the QuickBooks desktop application. The data migration wizard in Business Central has the instructions for the tool. This tool will connect to your QuickBooks application and then export all the applicable data in .zip file format.

Post Migration Validation

Once the data is migrated, the transaction will have the status as unposted so that you can review again to make adjustments as required. So to review the transactions, get into the page that you would normally find them.

For instance, got to Sales Invoice page so to review unposted sales invoices. For reviewing payment journals, you will need to get into payment journals page. There are some things in specific that has to be done: For the transactions having mark-up or discount amounts in the QuickBooks transactions, you will need to add the amounts to the respective transaction in Dynamics Business Central manually before posting them. If you are using value added tax (VAT), a product posting group and business posting group to be added to the posting setup so you can post VAT amounts. The beginning account balances has to be verified.

Our Migration Services include

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Our experienced team will successfully execute the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform into your business and make sure the effective utilization of tools all through your business.

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